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Casa Vero Businessmen Services offers professional Businessmen services to investors in the private sector. Established in Dubai since 2012, we offer a wide range of services, covering all aspects of commercial activities in Dubai.


Dubai offers incoming businesses all the advantages of a highly developed economy, with steady rising business opportunities. International companies seeking to establish a business in Dubai can find that its easy and affordable.


Our commitment at Casa Vero Businessmen Services is to provide our clients with the best possible services. As a professional firm, founded by a business lady Noor El Houdah Chebbi with experience for more than eight years in the market to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by business adventures and transitions in Dubai.





A Tunisian national, with an extensive knowledge of the GCC market and has over 12 years of experience in Media, publishing, advertising, PR and Business solutions with diverse sectors.


She is a creative dynamic leader managing director, manages her business, clients and all her team with full intern and extern plan and her meeting.


Follows every small tasks from A to Z in Casa Vero . With a team of professionals from across section of marketing production/services and Leader Executives in communication and public relations backgrounds who speak English, Arabic, and French.


Start a Business in Dubai


Every business startup takes some effort. From the planning to the implementation to the actual starting date there are so many things that have to be checked and to meet the international standards. In some cases, specialists are necessary to walk you through the process and help you to accomplish the small tasks associated with business setup and registration in Dubai.


Casa Vero offers a wide range of services composed to assist your  business setup in Dubai.


Casa Vero has experience in all the aspects of setting up a business in Dubai. When considering how to start a business, consider that you've got a lot to think about. From the trademark registration, accounting services, PRO services and payroll services, Casa Vero has you covered.



Casa Vero offers complete solutions


To establish any business in Dubai, a license is the most important thing. The licenses are issued by the Dubai depending upon the nature of business. They are:

Commercial licenses: that are required for any kind of trading.

Professional licenses: that are required by professional service provider.

Industrial licenses: that are needed for establishing any industrial or manufacturing operations.


At Casa Vero we help you setup, manage and effectively run your company in Dubai, UAE. Our team will assist you to start your business. From identifying the right license to designing your business structure.


Casa Vero Businessmen Services  offers solutions to clients looking to a 0% income taxes, protect assets and limit liabilities.


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